Workshop Consultancy Package

Workshop Consultancy

Workshop management is the key to running a successful mechanical repair shop. Managing what happens after the job card is printed from the system, is paramount.

Poor workshop management can adversely affect the bottom line of any mechanical repair business.

Consideration must be made into developing staff skills, workshop job flow, job reports, job procedures, among many other things.

Our consultancy is specifically tailored to work in conjunction with Auto Bookings Online CRM, and can ensure a smooth running workshop, improving both turnover, and profit.

No two workshops are ever the same, there are many varying factors such as on street parking, workshop space, clientele etc, that is why each package is unique to that workshop and the needs of the owner, and is tailored by someone who has been in the trade, and “in your shoes”, or “boots” literally!

Consultant Background

- Experience in the automotive industry for over 15 years
Coming from a mechanical background, from an early age I was exposed to all areas of the trade, including the running and operation of many mechanical repair shops through my career. 
I was entrusted to run and manage mechanical repair shops from the age of 24, and was given the opportunity to manage multiple staff members and trainees.

- Licensed as light vehicle mechanic

- Holds current AIS and AUVIS proprietor licence

- Holds current air conditioning handlers licence

- Current owner/operator of Workshop in Sydney's inner west
In my career as business owner I have now owned and operated 2 successful businesses, one in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, and most recently one in Sydney’s inner west.

The workshop in Sydney's eastern suburbs was my maiden business. Having worked there for a number of years I was given the chance to purchase the business in 2012. When purchased in 2012 the business had a turnover of $420,000 pa. 2 years later, the business had an increasing turnover of over $600,000 pa.

My now current owned and operated business is now in Sydney's inner west. Purchasing the business in early 2014 saw the turnover just stretching $720,000pa. We have seen a consistent increase in turnover since then, and at year ending June 15’ recorded a turnover of $960,000, with projected turnover to exceed $1,000,000 by EOFY 16’.

- Experience in identifying key areas for improvement with business and workshop procedures

- Experience in the implementation of key systems and procedures

Consulting Package

Packages are based on:
Full workshop diagnostic, exploring the 3 key areas of any mechanical repair shop,
- Business operations
- Office operations
- Workshop operations
Consultant will be on site evaluating the business in its current state
Full owner de-brief on findings
Key areas for growth and improvement identified
Action plans developed and may include:
- Review of team and work ethics
- Company brand and values
- Staff & management training
- Implementation of systems and procedures
- Development of workflow sheets
- Client retention strategies
- Marketing strategies
- Financial Evaluation
Regular reviews and re-evaluation

Benefits of Consulting Package

- Increased productivity
- Business structure
- Increased free time for owners
- Less time “on the tools”
- Increase in turnover
- Increased workshop and staff efficiency
- Systemised and easy to manage workshop
- Easy operation by members of staff, giving owner peace of mind
- Owner can achieve time away without having to close the shop
- Custom designed action plan to suit the needs of the business and the owner
- Management and staff training and coaching

It is important to realise that the owner can benefit from this package by means of a proven system that can be implemented.

It is our goal to develop and implement systems for the business to allow the running of an efficient workshop. We are not interested in “coaching” owners to find their own answers. The reason you have employed the services of a consultant is because you require help in implementing key systems and procedures that we can derive for you.

We can certainly help by giving you the information required to drive a successful mechanical repair business.


Pricing is dependent on the level of coaching and consultancy required, and is based on the individual needs of the owner and the business.

It is important to identify these needs and develop a strategy and pricing for the individual.

Auto Bookings Online is available as a stand alone package, although maximum impact can be made if adopting both the CRM and consultancy package.