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3 Powerful Steps to Autoshop Time-Saving

When you’re in your autoshop, do you constantly feel stressed-out and out of time? Do you wish they’d add hours to the day, so you could finally get all your work done in the time allotted? We know exactly how you feel. That’s why we’ve put together this blog for you. By taking a couple Read more »

Upgraded Scheduling: Unpacking the Key Autoshop Benefits

You’ve heard the expression a million times—“win-win.” It’s what people say when describing a situation that benefits both parties in a relationship. Well, “win-win” is a perfect way to describe the autoshop benefits you and your customers gain when you rely on upgraded scheduling via online booking. What are some specific, real-world benefits? To answer Read more »

Using an SMS Feature to Make Your Autoshop a “Star”

If you’re like most folks these days, you LOVE text messaging. It’s ridiculously easy … tremendously time-saving … and often make-or-break invaluable, especially if you have to communicate with someone immediately. You may be wondering: Why are they talking about “text messaging” when the title of this blog refers to an “SMS Feature”? Answer: Because Read more »

Retain Autoshop Customers with Great Birthday Cards!

I’m going to take a wild guess about something: I bet you enjoy your birthday. I bet you enjoy having friends and family give you cards and gifts. It makes you feel special and valued, right? Well, that’s exactly how your customers feel about THEIR birthday. And that’s a huge opportunity for you as an Read more »

3 Powerful Ways to Attract Autoshop Customers

Let’s face it: Every autoshop on Planet Earth has a lot of competition. Even the tiniest of towns usually offers a number of facilities where you can get good, quality repair or maintenance work done on your car. That’s why it’s critical to ask yourself: How can I BEST attract autoshop customers? How can I Read more »

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