3 Powerful Steps to Autoshop Time-Saving

When you’re in your autoshop, do you constantly feel stressed-out and out of time? Do you wish they’d add hours to the day, so you could finally get all your work done in the time allotted?

We know exactly how you feel. That’s why we’ve put together this blog for you. By taking a couple of minutes to read this, you’ll discover 3 easy yet powerful strategies you can use to FINALLY start “beating the clock,” and putting effective autoshop time-saving strategies to work for you. Let’s get started:

Powerful Secret #1: Retain Your Best Employees

One of the greatest ways to drain time and feel you’re constantly playing catch-up is to constantly have new employees come on board—employees you have to train. Think of this as “training is draining.” It can cost you dearly in terms of time and money.

So don’t cripple your autoshop with a high employee-turnover rate. Strive to make your shop a “Great Place to Work” in the minds of current employees and people in your town. Do this by taking the time to hire good, time-efficient mechanics and other staff—then treating them exactly as YOU would like to be treated. Doing this generates a multitude of benefits. By retaining your best employees, you’ll dramatically reduce training time … work much more efficiently over-all … create an atmosphere where people in your community want to bring repeat business … and attract OTHER talented, time-efficient employees.

Powerful Secret #2: “Deep Dive” Into How You Spend Time

To spend time in the smartest, most time-efficient way, you need to determine—in detail—exactly HOW you spend your time throughout the day. When you have the opportunity, write down everything you do in your autoshop, and how long it takes. Be sure to Include EVERYTHING—not just auto repairs and maintenance, but also coffee breaks, time on the phone, time handling email, etc.

What’s the point of all this? Well, it’s simply one of the best ways to make your time TANGIBLE, so you can really get your hands and mind around it. By writing down how you spend your time, you’ll “spotlight” it more clearly in your mind. And that’s a crucial way to see more clearly how you may be WASTING that time.

Powerful Secret #3: Use Appointment-Scheduling Software

After you write down exactly how you spend your time, ask yourself an all-important question: Are you constantly draining your time by answering phone calls and/or responding to emails?

If you answered “yes,” there’s a powerful solution. Today’s smartest autoshop owners and managers minimize time-draining activities by using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management software) such as that offered by Auto Bookings Online. When you do this, your customers enjoy the ease and convenience of scheduling auto repairs and maintenance from the comfort of their own home—without interrupting YOU. That—in turn—allows you to spend your time on money-making work. “Time is money,” as the saying goes. And MORE time will deliver MORE money—right into your wallet.

Auto Bookings Online is an online tool specifically designed to help auto-repair shops maximize profitability through better-managed customer bookings.