Upgraded Scheduling: Unpacking the Key Autoshop Benefits

You’ve heard the expression a million times—“win-win.” It’s what people say when describing a situation that benefits both parties in a relationship. Well, “win-win” is a perfect way to describe the autoshop benefits you and your customers gain when you rely on upgraded scheduling via online booking.

What are some specific, real-world benefits? To answer that, we reached out to an actual auto mechanic who recently upgraded his scheduling using an online booking solution.

Upgraded Scheduling Equals “Winning!”

This mechanic did not disappoint. He was ready, willing, and very ENTHUSIASTIC to talk about upgraded scheduling via online booking.

“I remember when I first started out,” he said, “I’d have grease up to my armpits … the phone crammed in between my ear and shoulder, trying to take a customer’s booking and find a pen! The phone WOULD ring—at the most inconvenient time! So, lightning-fast, I’d have to immediately search for a scheduling-book covered in grease. Then I’d have to rapid-fire flick through pages, trying to find a day to book someone on.”

He’s embarrassed to admit what sometimes resulted.

“Sometimes I’d just say ‘yes’ to the booking, forget to write it down because I was so busy with other things, and then be inundated with bookings I couldn’t even remember taking!”

Clearly, this system was not working. That’s when he turned to an online booking solution.

“Now, it’s a whole new world,” he says. “A world that’s way more convenient—and more profitable! I just ran a report, and just over 30 percent of our bookings are now done online. We average 120 bookings a month, 40 of those online. That means 40 calls where I don’t have to answer the phone, where I can devote that time to actually doing something that’s earning our shop money. Multiply all that time by our hourly rate, and I call that WINNING!”

Overlooked Secret
to Autoshop Profitability

As this mechanic’s experience demonstrates, upgraded scheduling can be one of the most powerful secrets to strong autoshop profits. When you use online booking software to schedule work efficiently and smartly, you minimize down-time … optimize the value you offer your customers … and “squeeze” the most profitability from every minute you’re on the job.

And there’s another way you’ll maximize profitability, too.

With upgraded scheduling, you’re more likely to retain quality employees. Your best employees will greatly appreciate that booking and scheduling is often handled online—leaving them to focus on what they do best and what they LIKE doing best.

And that’s a big WIN-WIN-WIN for you … for your employees … and—most importantly—for your customers.

Auto Bookings Online is an online tool specifically designed to help auto-repair shops maximize profitability through better-managed customer bookings.