The #1 Secret to Boosting Autoshop ROI

Let’s pretend, for a moment, that you’ve been invited to attend a business seminar. The topic of the seminar is “How to Boost Return on Investment in Your Industry.”

Suddenly, the workshop leader turns to you. She discovers you own or manage an auto repair shop. She asks you, “What is the #1 secret to boosting autoshop ROI?”

Today’s smartest, most successful autoshops know the answer to that question. It’s “Maximizing the value of ONLINE customer service, scheduling, and marketing.”

Here’s why:

In today’s Internet-centered world, every single “weapon” that autoshops have used over the decades to achieve success is now more effectively, more efficiently, and more PROFITABLY handled online. Let’s look at a few examples:

Boosting Autoshop ROI
with Great Customer Service

 With an online CRM (Customer Relationship Management software) such as that offered by Auto Bookings Online, you simply have no excuse for not offering stellar customer service. Everything you need for cultivating strong, enduring, profit-maximizing bonds with your customers is right at your fingertips. You allow customers the convenience of easily scheduling their own appointments … send them helpful repair and maintenance reminders … and so much more. The autoshop that treats its customers like gold, by using online tools, simply has a giant ROI-enhancing advantage over its competitors.    

Boosting Autoshop ROI
By Taking an Axe to Traditional Marketing

Folks at your local advertising agency will probably hate us for saying this, but most traditional forms of advertising and marketing—such as newspaper, TV, and radio ads—typically generate low ROI because they are too “shotgun” (not sufficiently targeted) in their approach. Rather than spend your money on increasingly-more-expensive, increasingly-less-effective traditional marketing, start amping-up your online marketing muscle. You can do this through everything from email marketing … to Local Search Engine Optimization Enhancement (so those who need your service will easily find you online) … to offering “up-sell” services and/or special deals to your customers and prospects.

Boosting Autoshop ROI
by Focusing Relentlessly on ROI

Have you ever noticed that, after you buy a new car, you suddenly see a lot more cars like that on the road? That’s because you’ve shifted your focus. Well, ROI works a lot like that. Using an online CRM as your foundation, start focusing on the question, “How can I maximize the return on investment from every single thing I spend?”

A Final Thought . . .

Owning and/or managing an autoshop is tough, demanding work. But it can also be extremely rewarding, if you care enough to regularly reach out to your customers and prospects. In 2018, there’s no better, more ROI-boosting way to do that than to maximize your online presence and power.

Auto Bookings Online is an online tool specifically designed to help auto-repair shops maximize profitability through better-managed customer bookings.