3 Key Benefits of Smart Autoshop Scheduling

There’s absolutely no doubt about it: Smart scheduling—dynamically assisted by today’s breakthrough software—is one of the major business trends of our time. From your local medical center … to your dog’s favorite groomer … to your friendly neighborhood hair stylist … everyone is taking advantage of software that allows you to more efficiently and effectively schedule your business operations. And autoshops are no different.

Let’s dig deeper for a moment. How, exactly, does smart scheduling enhance your shop’s “quality of life”—and that of your customers? How does it holistically enhance the quality of your operations? Answer: In the following 3 key ways:

You’ll save time . . . When you let your customer self-schedule through your website, Facebook page, or in another way, you achieve dramatic time-savings. No more having to stop what you’re doing to answer the phone, to set up a routine appointment. No more having to schedule-juggle while you’re handling three or four other things.

You’ll attract and retain more customers . . . Let’s face it, the human race LOVES convenience. And that’s precisely what your customers enjoy when you allow them to schedule their appointment online. They get to do so when they choose to … from any convenient location … at any convenient time …from any convenient device: laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

The key to attracting and retaining customers—and thus organically growing your autoshop business—is to place customer satisfaction and convenience first, in everything you do. And that very definitely includes scheduling.

You’ll work more efficiently and profitably . . . By providing your customers with easy-to-use online scheduling options—such as the one offered by Auto Bookings Online—you work, in every sense, in a more competent, orderly, stress-free way.  And you also dramatically reduce the number of time- and money-draining no-shows.

Cost-savings are also a major part of this equation. That’s because the price of using traditional scheduling can be very high (think dedicated receptionists, old-fashioned appointment books, etc.) Research shows that the cost of conventional scheduling can range from $400 to $1,000 per month. But that money stays in your pocket when you automate your scheduling service.

When you consider the 3 key benefits spotlighted above, you begin to realize the all-in-one power that smart online scheduling can bring to your autoshop. When you allow your customers to online-book their car for service or repairs, it’s BOTH of you who win!

Auto Bookings Online
is an online tool specifically designed to help auto-repair shops maximize profitability through better-managed customer bookings.