5 Secrets of Repeat Autoshop Business

5 Secrets of Repeat Autoshop Business

It’s an undeniable fact: Getting repeat autoshop business is MUCH more valuable and profitable to your shop than pursuing new customers. In fact, according to the leading research firm Bain & Company, increasing your customer-retention rates by just 5 percent increases your PROFITS by 25 to 95 percent.

So how do you get customers to LOVE your autoshop? How do you get them to come back time after time? Here are 5 of the most valuable secrets:

Secret # 1 … Ask for In-Person Feedback.

Think of it: Your customers represent a WEALTH of knowledge about your autoshop. So ask them, on a regular basis, what they think of your service. And ask them what you could do even better. Then act on their feedback. Even seemingly small tweaks to your customer service or mechanical service can make your shop a magnet for repeat business.

Secret # 2 …  Ask Satisfied Customers to Post Online Reviews.

Positive reviews on sites like Yelp or Facebook represent “buy-in” by your customers and are worth their weight in gold. Why? Because they are today’s most powerful version of the classic word-of-mouth referral—especially among younger customers. If you can attract a customer at age 25 who is still with you at age 35 or 45, how valuable is THAT?

Secret # 3 … Get Online Customer-Management Power!

The acronym “CRM” may sound fancy, but it’s actually a very simple and powerful customer-retention resource. With a CRM (Customer Relationship Management software tool), you’ll immediately start boosting your repeat autoshop business by having one easy-to-use, easy-to-manage place to store all your contact, customer, booking, marketing, and customer-cultivation information.

Secret # 4 … Generate More Customer Referrals.

There’s nothing like having a satisfied customer tell his or friends about your autoshop. Psychologists and researchers say when someone refers business to you, he or she is EVEN MORE LIKELY to continue using your service in the future. So make it known to your customers—in-person or via your CRM—that you’d greatly appreciate a referral.

Secret # 5 … Remember that Good Character Equals Good Business.

Always remember that customers respond very favorably to simple “thank you’s” and to other incentives that say “I value you as my customer, and wish to retain that relationship.” So strive to embody good character and good conduct as you interact with your customers. Listen to them, stay in contact with them via your CRM, and really CARE about serving their needs. That’s how you’ll generate repeat business each time current customers need quality auto service.

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