How an SMS Feature Boosts Autoshop Business

As an autoshop owner or manager, how can you really “stand out”? How can you position yourself as THE “go-to” shop for smart, in-the-know car owners in your area?

One often-overlooked way is to engage in clearer, more efficient, more convenient communication with your customers and prospects. Let’s take a minute to see exactly how an SMS feature in your software solution can help you achieve this business-boosting benefit.

The Type of Message
Customers NOTICE and WANT

In case you’re not familiar with the term, SMS stands for “Short Message Service.” So it basically means “text message.” By having an SMS feature as part of your online solution, you can rapidly take your customer-care, shop efficiency, and marketing to the next level of success.

Here’s why:

In 2018, no other tool allows you to communicate so directly, easily, and EFFECTIVELY with your customers and prospects. Because text messages are so highly targeted and immediately noticeable, fully 90 percent of them are read in less than 3 minutes, according to the latest research. And nearly ALL of them (98 percent) are eventually read.

How an SMS Feature
Power-Lifts Profitability

Having an SMS feature—such as the type you can integrate into an Auto Bookings Online system—can amp-up your shop’s profitability in 3 key ways. Using SMS you can:

  • More Fully Automate Your Workflow … Text messages cost you pennies, but can save you thousands per year in customer-care and/or administrative costs. Using text messages can allow you to quickly and easily send appointment reminders … avoid costly no-shows … allow customers to conveniently schedule their next appointment … and more.
  • Increase Your Efficiency and Productivity … You can keep your service area fuller by sending last-minute maintenance or repair promos to fill empty slots. You also can give customers a convenient way to confirm an appointment or reschedule. And there’s also a huge internal benefit for your shop. Using an SMS feature, you can more efficiently manage and schedule your staff, by instantly delivering work schedules, workplace-related news, and more.
  • “Drive” Autoshop Business Growth … Another great benefit of an SMS feature is it allows you to more effectively market your shop. In a very easy, time-saving way, you can send word of special promotions, discounts, and more to those customers who wish to receive them. And because texts are so much more visible and targeted than (for example) direct mail or even email, the likelihood of positive Return on Investment is significantly enhanced.

When you take a moment to focus on the great benefits an SMS feature offers, it’s easy to see why so many auto-repair shops are shifting their communications to SMS. As you think about growing your customer base and profitability in 2018, an SMS feature is something you should seriously consider.

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