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Attracting Autoshop Customers: 3 Powerful Secrets

What are 3 powerful, highly-effective ways to market your autoshop? How can you attract new customers like a magnet? Start with this understanding: Your autoshop has LOTS of competition. Without a smart “Master Marketing Plan,” you’re leaving it up to luck to attract a loyal, profit-generating customer base. So let’s take two minutes to focus Read more »

New “Best Practices” in Autoshop Efficiency

How do you MAXIMIZE autoshop efficiency and profitability? What are the new “best practices” in autoshop efficiency that will make your shop a magnet for new and returning customers? Smart autoshop owners and managers have discovered that engaging in three particular “best practices” will amp-up your efficiency, enhance your reputation in the community, and fuel Read more »

3 Key Benefits of Smart Autoshop Scheduling

There’s absolutely no doubt about it: Smart scheduling—dynamically assisted by today’s breakthrough software—is one of the major business trends of our time. From your local medical center … to your dog’s favorite groomer … to your friendly neighborhood hair stylist … everyone is taking advantage of software that allows you to more efficiently and effectively Read more »

5 Secrets of Repeat Autoshop Business

5 Secrets of Repeat Autoshop Business It’s an undeniable fact: Getting repeat autoshop business is MUCH more valuable and profitable to your shop than pursuing new customers. In fact, according to the leading research firm Bain & Company, increasing your customer-retention rates by just 5 percent increases your PROFITS by 25 to 95 percent. So Read more »

What is a CRM for Mechanics? Is It Worth It?

Sometimes three or four simple letters can make your world a whole lot brighter. Think D-O-G or L-O-V-E or F-O-O-D.  If you run an auto-repair shop, the same is true of C-R-M. Why? Because a CRM can make your working environment a lot more efficient, better organized, more profitable, and less stressful. So what exactly Read more »

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